HTF Founder Lays Out Inspirational Vision: Care For The Billions, Not Millions!

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HTF Founder Lays Out Inspirational Vision: Care For The Billions, Not Millions!

Posted by Mike Allen


Pronoy Saha Founder Health Technology Forum


Health Technology Forum founder Pronoy Saha kicked off the organization’s third annual conference on May 20th in San Francisco with an inspirational vision of how technology can transform both healthcare and human lives.  Over the next few weeks we will be publishing posts about the individual sessions created by a team of HTF volunteer bloggers.   Stay tuned!

Pronoy Saha’s Conference Kick-Off:

“Imagine a world where everyone has access to superior health care.  What would that world be like?  People in developing countries would be able to use their minds and bodies for optimal results and perhaps uncover hidden talents and new innovations.”

“Perhaps people would become focused on building a better future living in a healthier world!  Imagine the possibilities.  Well that is the possibility we have created here at the Health Technology Forum.

“Welcome to the 2014 HTF Innovation Conference – pathways to sustainable health.  Let’s unite together and make this conference about change.  We can change the world together.”

“We have over 70 speakers here today supporting this movement.  We will take you on a journey around the world and discuss the possibility of affordable, executable and accessible healthcare for all.”

“How will we do this, you ask?

  • through building a resilient community  – where all of you are members,
  • by implementing best practices,
  • by using today’s innovation and exponential technologies to scale globally,
  • by informing patients,
  • by provide gaming to improve children’s health, and
  • by having empathy and compassion on our journey”.

“Sessions at the HTF Conference cover all of these key topics.  There are entrepreneurs, researchers, venture capitalists, clinicians, exhibitors, technologists and regulators in this room.  So let’s connect with each other, learn from each other, empower each other and create healthcare solutions for the billions.”

“This is our forum and together we will make this happen.  A very special thanks to our volunteers, sponsors, speakers and of course all of you!”

“Come together for health!”

About Health Technology Forum

Health Technology Forum is dedicated to improving access to affordable healthcare by promoting the development and adoption of innovative technologies to transform health. Founded in 2010, HTF promotes the intersection of healthcare and technology by connecting people worldwide who have common interest in making healthcare better, more accessible and affordable for everyone. There are currently 13 local chapters worldwide across 3 continents.


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