Panelists to Address Best Technologies for Improving Health of Underserved Populations

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Panelists to Address Best Technologies for Improving Health of Underserved Populations

HTF2014-ad2Posted by Mary Moylan, Innovative Science Writer, San Francisco,

Tech tools to improve the health of underserved populations is the topic of a panel discussion at the upcoming annual conference sponsored by the Health Technology Forum  to be held on May 20th in downtown San Francisco.  

The session‘s title is Best Practices For The Global Underserved and will be moderated by Stefano Bertozzi, MD, PhD – Dean, UC Berkeley School of Public Health at UC.  Other distinguished panelists include, Claudia Harner- Jay from Path and Leighton Reed, MD, Alloy Ventures.

In a recent Keynote address at UC Berkeley/Citris (click  here to see this address) Dr. Bertozzi discussed his leadership role for a strategic planning process in the areas of global health and nutrition. Speaking candidly to his colleagues, he asked them to consider, for example, the difference between fast food and junk food while pointing out the “Tsunami of diabetes” occurring in Mexico. Noting some internal challenges within the academy such as the misalignment of incentives characterized by “siloization” or, a too narrow focus on publishing, real impact and change in global public health is obstructed. In a break down of the immense complexity of Big Science that is emerging in this field, Bertozzi draws comparisons to Epigenetics when pointing to effective models and the solutions within distribution processes and mechanisms for sharing information across the sciences.

Known also as a Physician Economist, Bertozzi’s impressive list of publications exhibit a proven track record for grasping large- scale evaluations, optimization and access, as well as global treatment and prevention models in the areas of HIV research and Mesoamerican health initiatives, to name just a few.

Bertozzi’s previous role with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, as Director of HIV, demonstrates his achievements within vaccine development, biomedical prevention research, diagnostics development and resistance monitoring.

Panelist Claudia Harner-Jay brings her expertise within commercialization strategies and health technologies.  As a team leader with Path’s technology solutions, she helps this international non-profit organization develop public-private partnerships, PPP’s -to help break long standing cycles of poor health among developing countries.  Claudia is also known for he work with Merck for Mothers, an organization that addresses maternal health initiatives.

Leighton Reed,MD, and a partner with Alloy Ventures, brings to the panel his expertise in decision theory and cost-effectiveness analysis as well as policy regarding medical innovation. For over two decades, he has been interested in the psychological principles that underlie successful electronic games. Leighton is currently devoting substantial time to his role as Chairman of Seriosity, a start-up leading in the application of game principles.

HTF is excited to welcome this distinguished panel of guests. Please join us for Best Practices for the Underserved – and engage with the experts. Together we will focus on health technology practices that can be effectively shared across bordersto impart immediate and long-lasting positive impact on global health.

 The one day HTF Conference will be held on May 20th at the Parc 55 Windham Hotel at Union Square in San Francisco and will feature top Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Stanford and University of California researchers and senior execs from Cisco, Kaiser and many other health tech leaders.   For more information on the conference, visit the Health Technology Forum’s website.


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