HTFIC 2016 ‘Home and Community Systems Innovation’ Panel Recap

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HTFIC 2016 ‘Home and Community Systems Innovation’ Panel Recap

Written by Lalitha Chandrasekher

Health technology enthusiasts were abuzz during the Home and Community Systems Innovation panel discussion at the 2016 Health Technology Forum!

The 5 panelists and moderator kicked off the discussion with overviews of their interests and current work in healthcare related to themes of “common good”, “game changing innovation”, and “strength in numbers”.

  • Ram Fish of 19 Labs unveiled a smart first-aid kit, Gale, inspired by his experiences parenting young children. As a new parent, there’s a latent fear behind every scratch, burn, and fever – “do I know enough not to worry?” is the ever present question.

Gale attempts to provide answers by offering interactive ‘first responder’ diagnoses and procedure support through smart sensors. If a situation needs immediate attention, Gale provides 4G voice and video connectivity to medical professionals who can further assist.

  • Kevin Jones of Samsung spoke about his personal journey with providing adequate care for the elderly at home. “…when we looked at the underserved populations in technology, it is the senior market, largely because they have been regarded as afraid of technology.”

However, Samsung has partnered with Breezie and proven that through user research, empathy, and a focus on the value of simple, non-threatening UI/UX design, the elderly can use technology that improves their quality of life. Breezie provides continuous monitoring, health alerts, mental stimulation, and emotional connection for seniors allowing them to live independently of elder care facilities.

  • Alex Go of LivWell discussed the importance of simplifying and improving the quality of information given to the health workers involved in a senior’s life. LivWell’s platform partnered with the senior facility, Eskaton in Sacramento to test it’s value and services.

The case managers and lifestyle coaches at this facility have been able to collect and track daily needs and desires of their clients in one location. This platform has enabled the senior support staff to improve the quality of care they provide – hope for a high standard of living for an aging population!

  • Vincent Serhan of Jiseki Health explained the beautiful English translation of the Japanese word “Jiseki” – ‘my responsibility’.  So what does Jiseki do? At its core, Jiseki is a technology platform that aggregates a patient’s medical information and current forms of care so as they transition between hospitals, other care facilities, and home, their information and care options are always updated and available. His hope with Jiseki is to reduce the amount wasted dollars on inefficient care for patients by increasing transparency and access to data.
  • Dennis Robbins brought a quick smile to the audience by standing throughout his overview and reminding us that sitting is toxic to health. His current work centers on advising companies that are focused on population level health. Health isn’t something that should be thought about at the time you get sick and need to recover – “it’s all the time… it’s a lifestyle” he emphasized. He engaged the audience to think about opportunities to focus on sustainable forms of healthy living so that health would remain a constant state of mind, not just a few isolated points of time.

For full video coverage of the panel, check back on the HTF conference site for updates!

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