Healthcare Technology Forum announces industry experts to serve as Code-a-thon judges

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Healthcare Technology Forum announces industry experts to serve as Code-a-thon judges

Leading health tech executives will serve as judges at the April 13-14th Code-a-thon held in San Francisco and sponsored by the Health Technology Forum.   At the Code-a-thon, developers will create new applications to improve access to health for underserved populations.

Engineers traveling to HTF Code-a-thon

Engineers traveling to HTF Code-a-thon

The event will be held at Runway SF a San Francisco technology incubator, and will kick off at 8:00 am Saturday April 13th when project objectives are determined.   Once objectives are finalized, teams will be assembled based on individual interests and skills.    Feverish brainstorming, flow-charting and coding will take place while participants consume pizzas, candy bars and highly caffeinated soft drinks.  Healthy options will be available as well!

On the afternoon of Sunday, April 14th the panel of judges will evaluate the projects, provide feed back and select winners of cash prizes of  $5,000 for 1st Prize, $1,000 for 2nd and $500 for 3rd.   Winning teams will be honored the following week at the Health Technology Forum Innovation Conference on April 19th in San Francisco.

The panel of judges provides an excellent cross-section of the disciplines needed to develop successful healthcare software.

Representing the venture capitalist discipline on the panel of judges will be Euan Thompson, PhD, a leader in the health tech area at leading venture firm  Khosla Ventures.

Another judge, Shervin Majd, PhD, is a Partner at Vodafone’s Redwood City based technology incubator, the Vodafone xone and has a strong background in helping health start-ups address technology issues.

To insure that user interface is taken into account,  the panel of judges includes Aleksey Novicov,  a leading Design Consultant for UX and mHealth with Yodel Code.   Nancy Hall is CIO at CEP America, one of the largest providers of acute care management and staffing solutions.  She will has an excellent background in the issues of scalability and implementation.

Representing the medical profession will be Dr. Mike Hogarth, MD, Physician and Professor- UC Davis, while Amy Tenderich, Patient Advocate at will bring the patient’s point of view to the table.

Rounding out the panel of judges will be Pronoy Saha, head of the Health Technology Forum and a leading health  technology consultant.   Saha is the organizer of the Code-a-thon where he is supported by Alvin Wang, a CTO and start-up consultant.

In addition to the judges, on-the-spot advice will be available to the development teams from Dr. Mike Aratow, MD, CMIO- San Mateo Medical Center and Dr. Jan Gurley, MD- Physician, San Francisco DPH.

The lead sponsor of the Code-a-thon is California HealthCare Foundation, a non-profit philanthropy that works as a catalyst to fulfill the promise of better health care for all Californians. Through its “Free the Data” initiative, CHCF supports the development of a robust healthcare data infrastructure in California.

pizzaWhile participants can’t sleep at the venue (no sleeping bags, please) they will have access on to the site Saturday (8AM-5PM) and Sunday (9AM-6PM).  Snacks, coffee/tea, and lunch will be provided.  A reception is scheduled after the judging on Sunday.

More information on the April 13-14 Code-a-thon is provided here.

More on the April 19th Health Technology Conference here.


Pronoy is the Organizer and Founder of Health Technology Forum (HTF), a socially responsible organization promoting technology access and adoption to bring better healthcare to the masses. He is an advisor, board member, and has founded companies in the health 2.0 space. Pronoy has 20 years experience in technology, most recently in the healthcare, mobile, and service provider marketplaces. Pronoy held senior management positions in large conglomerates as well as startup companies. Pronoy earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and Master’s of Business Administration from the University of San Francisco.
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