Health Technology Forum’s 7th Annual Innovation Conference returns to Stanford University to tackle patient engagement, behavioral health, and healthy aging.

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Health Technology Forum’s 7th Annual Innovation Conference returns to Stanford University to tackle patient engagement, behavioral health, and healthy aging.

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Health Technology Forum (HTF) will hold the 7th annual Innovation Conference at the Stanford School Of Medicine on May 14-15, 2018, with experts exploring how advances in AI, VR, wearables, patient engagement, behavioral health, and healthy aging technologies can fundamentally transform our health.

The conference features 2 days of captivating keynotes, two tracks of thought provoking panels, an exhibition hall, an invite only innovation showcase, and intimate networking receptions tackling complex questions.

Clinicians, Technologists, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Public Health Officials, Not-For-Profit Organizations, Governmental Agencies and others will convene with a shared goal to accelerate bringing solutions to market for acute pain points.

The conference features 3 main themes:
Talent, Tools, and Techniques to Improve Behavioral Health: Focus is on the growing domains on behavioral health in the broader health and healthcare spectrum. Thought leaders from diverse disciplines will share tool, strategies, and techniques to address and improve behavioral health issues. We will also explore innovative solutions in terms of access, availability, and funding of behavior health resources and tools.
Next Generation Engagement: Empowering each of us through information, technologies, devices, support systems, and mobile solutions are a great way to initiate the process of behavioral change. True engagement and behavior change require continuously available, real-time, personalized and targeted nudging that is distinctive and meaningful to that person. The right tools and technologies for the right person at the right time can help create a culture of health and optimize care.
Healthy Aging and Resilience: Healthy aging is about how we live and savor life rather than focusing on illness and disease. With the help of a platform of ecosystems and advanced technologies, we can promote, optimize, and sustain our lives. Moreover, the right technology for the right person at the right time can create a behavioral symphony of health and wellness that further add years to our lives and life to our years.

HTF is proud to offer our Innovation Showcase program this year.
Innovation Showcase: The invitation-only Innovation Showcase is aimed at connecting startup companies with members of the investment community to develop strategic partnerships and fundraising opportunities. It also provides companies high visibility and marketing presence at the conference via demo opportunities in the expo.

These programs, in concert with a truly unique set of industry pioneering speakers and diverse attendee demographic provide, unparalleled value for our attendees and sponsors.

“HTFIC 2018 brings together a set of themes and perspectives that are rather unique among healthcare conferences,” says Pronoy Saha, founder of the Health Technology Forum. “This group of thought leaders presenting and exchanging ideas will offer an exciting glimpse into the future of behavioral health, engagement and the concept of aging.”

Distinguished speaker, Dennis Robbins, M.P.H., Ph.D., a healthcare leader, futurist, and activist, will participate in two exclusive panels titled “Next Generation Engagement” and “Moving Beyond Illness and Disease to a Culture of Health”:
“Wow! HTF is really pushing the envelope this year. Looking forward to some excellent presentations and a one of a kind orchestration of innovation on the interface of technology, manufacturing, design, medicine, and health. The chance to work with such stellar thought leaders using behavioral economics, smart clothing, deep brain engagement and motivation strategies aimed at creating a behavioral symphony of wellness is truly exciting. I am really looking forward to this!”

For more information or for opportunities to attend or sponsor at this year’s conference please visit the #HTFIC2018 conference website:

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