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TeleHealth And mHealth

If we are going to change the paradigm in the way healthcare is delivered and the cost of the healthcare system, telehealth and mobile health technologies will be a big part of the solution. Available telehealth and mHealth solutions improve access to care, overcome time and distance barriers, reduce costs to both patients and providers, and deliver better health outcomes through early intervention and preventive care as well as monitoring patients to track issues that may result in costly hospitalizations.  However, slow adoption, market fragmentation andbusiness model misalignment in the current system have restricted theimpact of these technologies.  What factors will make the future different from the present?  Will the drivers be health policy, health economics, or individual demand?  Join us to discuss how telehealth and mHealth solutions can be used today and how these solutions can change the system tomorrow. Panelists Greg Caressi (moderator), Yan Chow,MD, Marty Coressel, Tapan Mehta, Jeff Russell




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