Role of Technology in the ACA Panel

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Role of Technology in the ACA Panel

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) signals the largest restructuring and overhaul in the American healthcare system since the establishment of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. With over a hundred provisions, ambitious tax restructuring, and blueprints for the creation of multiple brand-new government institutions, this is no small task. The ACA seeks to accomplish exactly what it implies: making healthcare more affordable for Americans. But the creators of “Obamacare” know that healthcare cannot be made cheaper through government regulation alone. Technology has been crucial to plans of reform, projected to improve affordability, access, and efficiency. From the establishment of Health Insurance Exchanges to Meaningful Use guidelines that provide incentives for using electronic medical records, the Affordable Care Act has throughout a clear and bold reliance on technology.  Panelists will focus on regulatory government systems and the promise of innovation through technology. Panelists Aenor Sawyer, MD (moderator), Victor Chen, Nancy Hall, Zina Glover, Kent Soo Hoo




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