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Show & Tell Demos #1

Lance Speck - Actian

"I don’t have the resources.” "I don’t know where to start.” “It’s too expensive!” All excuses! Actian enables organizations to make sense of the data at their fingertips to improve patient outcomes. Lance Speck will demonstrate an easy-to-use Population Health Analytics application designed to help healthcare providers improve “insight to care” policies.

Jetta Denend - U.S. Commercial Service

Did you know that the US Department of Commerce has a global network of over 1,400 people in 70 countries whose mission is to help US companies sell their products and technologies in new international markets? Find out how the US Commercial Service helps healthcare companies identify top markets, find qualified partners, navigate regulations, provide due diligence, and ultimately help grow international business. Learn about financing for international projects.

Fred Hosea, Phd - Kaiser

The Continental Healthcare Innovation Network is proposed as a collaborative resource to Ministries of Health, academia, and innovators in Latin America, to create specialty centers (e.g., telemedicine) that would consult to other members of the network. Each country would have at least one specialty center to coordinate information, research, technology assessment, clinical trials, service models, best practices etc. in its specialty domain. This would give smaller countries the advantage of consultations with larger countries that already have expert knowledge and experience, relieving individual hospitals and small countries of having try to address an overwhelming multitude of complex questions at once, for which they're not well equipped. A current proposal will be sketched out, to consider how problems of large-scale human exposure to heavy metals from mining and petroleum extraction might be addressed via multi-national collaboration on paper-based or lab-on-a-chip technological innovations.

Margaret Salmon, Md - UCSF

Presentation about pain management for the underdeserved

Ozzie Diaz - Intel

What are the big data problems with healthcare data?

What should the future look like for personalized medicine if we solved those problems? What's Intel doing about it?

Hans Gangeskar - Nurx

Using mHealth to increase access to the pill and Truvada for PrEP

Nurx is making Truvada for PrEP available via a mobile app, to reach the people who need it the most. Truvada for PrEP is a pill that can provide up to 99% protection against HIV infection if taken daily. Users can make a request through an app or website. They are presented with questions created by a panel of experts to identify eligibility and for the physician to assess contraindications. One of nurx’s doctors will review the request and issue a prescription if medically justified.

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