Commercializing Pharma Digital Health Initiatives

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Commercializing Pharma Digital Health Initiatives

Pharma companies are taking notice of digital health solutions and are figuring out how to really work with them to improve their businesses and better serve patients. Some of the biggest pharma digital health stories of the past year have involved partnerships: Daichii-Sankyo tapping Partners Healthcare for their beyond-the-pill solution; GSK, Aptar, and Boehringer Ingelheim all working with Propeller Health on connected inhalers; GSK and Purdue working on Apple ResearchKit pilots; and Otsuka digging deeper into its partnership with Proteus Digital Health to release the first bundled pharmaceutical with an ingestible sensor. Theme: Innovations In Health Technology




  • Sunil Maulik, Managing Partner, SunilM1
  • Jafar Shenasa, VP-Head, Regulatory Affairs at Proteus Digital Health
    • Yan Chow, Medical Director, Amgen
      • Jessie Juusola, Director, Health Outcomes Research, Evidation Health
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