Interventions for Vulnerable Populations

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Interventions for Vulnerable Populations

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), access to health care for women in rural communities is complicated by patient factors as well as those related to the delivery of care. Rural residents are more likely to be poor, lack health insurance, or rely substantially on Medicaid and Medicare; they also travel longer distances to receive care or to access a range of medical, dental, and mental health specialty services. Regional organization of perinatal services is an important strategy to improve outcomes for underserved women and their infants in rural communities. Theme: Unmet needs for Underserved




  • Ray Pedden, Strategy and Innovation Consultant, Center for Care Innovations, UCSD
  • Sharad Iyengar, Chief Executive, ARTH
    • Rajiv Pramanik, Associate CHIO, Zuckerberg San Francisco General
      • Tim Ken Mackey, Director, Global Health Policy Institute, UCSD
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