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Digital Media Law in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are investing more time and resources in social media to engage the community in their health. In many cases organizations delayed (or sometimes are still delaying) participation on social platforms due to concerns with HIPAA and other legal concerns. This discussion will feature a conversation about current issues relevant to digital media law and healthcare. A few questions that will be covered during the Digital Media Law in Healthcare are:
  • What are some lessons for healthcare organizations from social media HIPPA violations?
  • Are/Should clinicians be connecting with patients online? What’s appropriate in connecting with patients online and what types of protections and guidelines should be put in place?
  • What legal considerations should healthcare startups be considering while building their products and platforms to best prepare them to collaborate with healthcare organizations?
  • What are ways to work with perceived and real legal barriers to innovations in healthcare?
Panelists Renee Berry (moderator), Jennifer Dukarski, Francoise Gilbert, Elton Satusky.




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