Patient Engagement for Care Improvement

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Patient Engagement for Care Improvement

Stage 2 of Meaningful Use requires providers to give at least half of their patients the ability to view and download their own medical records through a portal or personal health record, up from 10 percent in Stage 1. Perhaps more significantly, 5 percent of patients actually have to make use of this capability.For the first time, achieving Meaningful Use and earning federal bonus payments will not be completely in the hands of providers. They will have to engage at least a small segment of their patient populations. While the 5 percent threshold does not sound like much, it has more than a few healthcare executives sweating. In this session, we will discuss the promise and potential of patient engagement in the context of both Meaningful Use and the slow but steady evolution to a consumer-centric healthcare environment. Panelists will look at:
  • What it means to be engaged
  • What might be different for public health populations
  • What’s working, what’s not working and what’s coming.
Panelists: Neil Versel (moderator), Jan Oldenburg, Laura Esserman, MD., Amy Tenderich, Kyra Bobinet, MD




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