Compassion, Innovation and Empathy featured at HTF Conference

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Compassion, Innovation and Empathy featured at HTF Conference

Posted by Mary Moylan, Innovative Science Writer, San Francisco, CA

Blog:  New Emergence Science


Kunal Sood,  (this year’s moderator) known for his humility and altruism, and community service among the poorest areas in India, has acquired a rare accolade as a TED x most appreciated associate. Earned, no doubt, for his participation at the event; “Brave: United in Action” and, his address to the UN General Council, Kunal shared this statement, “Let go and do not let yourself be attached to the fruits of your endeavor. Be altruistic. The ability to be a giver is one that is so powerful. If you come from a place of giving as opposed to taking, you will, in the end, be the one that creates the legacy of your lifetime.” A global health entrepreneur and Associate Dean at Woxen Business school, Sood has a vision for truly sustainable social change.


Among the many expert keynote panels, discussions and demonstrations on hand at the third annual Health Technology Forum conference, Compassion, Innovation, and Empathy in Action –offers a truly relevant lens through which one can envision real and dynamic “Pathways to Sustainability.” Leaders and visionaries in this field such as Jon Ramer and Dr. James Doty to name just a few, come together to share their knowledge and experience on successful implementations of patient need pathways within design systems in healthcare.

Doty’s ‘Neuroscience of Compassion’ Tedx talk sheds light a powerful context for the understanding of compassion. Defined as the recognition of another’s suffering and a desire to alleviate that suffering, Doty’s work draws connections to difficult early- life experiences, chance encounters, and an understanding of the mind-and tools of meditation and visualization that can shift ones thinking from limited possibilities to unlimited possibilities. Doty hones in on the evolutionary trajectory of brain function, human behavior and psychology as they come together- and shares his understanding that these characteristics will flourish and thrive only through compassion.

Known for his work on the Digital Fourth Way and Deep Social Networks, Jon Ramer asks us to challenge ourselves, live authentically, and, to have real compassion show up in the policies and priorities of every American city. With the launch of “Compassionate Seattle,” Ramer is credited for Seattles adoption of this charter. Characterized by the pledging of over 1,000 people to contribute “time, talent and treasure,” this grassroots collective has led to other city initiatives including, The Compassionate Action Network and Seeds of Compassion.

So come together with the Leadership and visionaries for this years’ HTF- be a part of our collective impact. Engage with the mutually reinforcing HTF activities and continuous communication that supports the effort for the impact that we seek.

For more information about the HTF Conference and to sign up, please click here.

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