2016 Health Technology Forum (preview): tackling complex healthcare challenges with gentler focus on “Common Good”

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2016 Health Technology Forum (preview): tackling complex healthcare challenges with gentler focus on “Common Good”

By Dr. Darshana Nadkarni, Medtech & Biotech Recruitment
Blog: www.darshanavnadkarni.wordpress.com

Enabling people to have access to affordable healthcare is not only a challenge for the United States but a significant challenge in many parts of the world.  Given the current population trends, this challenge is going to become more complex and will need creative and out of the box solutions.  With aging populations, lack of clean air and water, and densely crowded mega cities, many people word-wide do not have quick and easy access to meet basic healthcare needs.  Further, rise in chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes, and amazing advances in diagnosing and treating diseases, people are living longer, and very likely will require medical care for longer periods.  

It is likely for instance, that in the next 30 years, the number of Alzheimer’s patients in the US can rise to 20 million.  While state of the art healthcare could be a available to a few in a Western nation like the US, there is a widening chasm between availability of healthcare to the top 1% of population and huge numbers at the bottom of the money pyramid.  According to US Census Bureau, approximately 49 million Americans lacked continuous access to basic healthcare on account of not having healthcare coverage, in 2011.

Globally, the issues may be slightly different but the question for affordable access to healthcare is just as significant.  Nearly 2.6 billion people worldwide lack proper sanitation facilities, and almost a sixth of the world’s population don’t have access to adequate drinking water.

Health Technology Forum (HTF) attempts to tackle this complex challenge from one vantage point of connecting people worldwide, with common interest in making healthcare better, more accessible, and affordable for everyone, through the use of technology.  HTF is creating the environment for healthcare entrepreneurs, developers, regulators, and community health providers to come together for “common good”, to engage in productive dialogue for creative global solutions, for access to affordable healthcare.  By creating the space for this dialogue and for vital collaborations between healthcare innovators, providers and thought and business leaders, world takes one more tiny step forward to solving its most vexing healthcare challenge.

The 2016 HealthTech Innovation Conference will be on May 22 and 23 at Stanford University.   Pronoy Saha, CEO & founder of HealthTech Forum is working tirelessly to make his vision of wide access to affordable healthcare into a reality.  The conference agenda includes great panels and keynotes.  A panel on home and community innovations, will focus on technology advances that can enable people to live longer in their homes.  A panel of medical providers and other experts will discuss new business models for making precision medicine available to the masses, using genomics data, patient generated data, and social data.  A panel of leading investors in healthcare technology will discuss funding trends and will share insights on the criteria they use to determine what, when and who to fund.  This will be an exciting conference tackling hard issues and complex challenges, with soft and gentler focus on the theme of “Common Good”.  Please register at https://healthtechnologyforum.com/2016-htf-innovation-conference/  and don’t forget to bring along business cards.

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