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Robert Raleigh, PhD

Founder and Managing Director , PathSight Predictive Science

Robert Raleigh is the founder and managing director of PathSight Predictive Science, a five year old company that is focused upon understanding and influencing the human interface on today’s complex globally connected human network. This work is built upon insights from the fields of data, neural and behavioral sciences. PathSight runs counter to the impulse to reduce behavioral change to a short list of magical variables. Rooted in the outcomes of a 40 year old strand of research into moral judgements, PathSight embraces the complexity of the task by deploying a multi-layered model of individuals. The uniqueness of the PathSight Model is found in its capacity to sort people by their nonverbal, biologic instincts that informs their personal identities and their orientation toward the world . PathSight views behavior change as a process that accounts for personal, contextual and situational narratives to achieve predictable outcomes. To deploy this model PathSight constructs population models, engagement strategies and a rigorous measurement paradigm. PathSight is currently being deployed in the healthcare, sports, entertainment and training verticals.

The ubiquity of the PathSight Method is informed by Robert’s diverse background and professional experience. Trained as a psychologist (Syracuse University) Robert traded in a seven year applied career for the chance to pursue corporate goals by joining the Sperry Corporation (Unisys Corp.) as they embarked on a very early A.I. initiative to create corporate expert systems. After this introduction to corporate America, Robert moved to the media world of television, marketing and consumer research. He began in New York with MCA and Spelling Entertainment which led him to become US President of Carsey/Werner Television Distribution. At Carsey/Werner Robert launched an expansion into the digital world which led to an early version of PathSight’s person-centric model of engagement. At each stop on his career path, Robert has sought to understand the interaction of personal traits, intervention tactics and the outcomes they achieve.

09:00 - 10:15 | Main Room Berg Hall A&B

Keynote: Next Generation Engagement
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