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Mark McConnell

President and CEO, Onlife Health

Mark McConnell is currently President and CEO at Onlife Health. Onlife Health is a data-driven digital health company that delivers a personalized, dynamic user experience that helps individuals change their behavior to deliver improved health outcomes and ultimately drive health care cost savings.

Prior to his role at Onlife Health, McConnell served as SVP for remote patient monitoring company AMC Health.  McConnell also served as SVP at Healthways where he founded the Employer Solutions Group which generated tremendous revenue growth for the population health organization.  He also served as SVP, Business and Corporate Development at HealthFitness where he was part of the executive team that sold HealthFitness to Trustmark Insurance.

Earlier in his career, McConnell was Health Plan Manager at General Motors Corporation and was involved with GM’s value-based purchasing, disease management and supplier development efforts in coordination with the National Business Coalition on Health.  He was also part of the Mobile Health Strategy and Development group with Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

McConnell has served on numerous Boards and Committees, has a BA from Muskingum College and an MBA from State University of New York at Buffalo.

Onlife Health

At Onlife Health, our business is changing human behavior, transforming unhealthy choices into healthy lifelong habits. We structure our wellness program to address the specific needs of each health plan or employer, building a configurable and scalable solution for companies who understand that a healthier workforce is essential to increase productivity and bend the curve on rising healthcare costs.

To motivate members and employees, we build a personal connection, using data analytics to learn the needs and interests of each person, and then apply personas to tailor our recommendations to each person’s type. The result is My Journey, a personalized step-by-step guide to better health in which the entire experience—content, images, goals, preferences, challenges, desired behaviors and recommendations— is customized to fit each individual’s unique profile. Each person always knows the next right thing to do” to improve their health, creating a series of small achievable steps that lead to lasting results.

10:00 - 10:55 | Main Room Berg Hall A&B

Moving Beyond Illness and Disease to a Culture of Health
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