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Laurie Coe

Managing Director, The Energy Project

Laurie Coe is a Managing Director, Organizational Consulting at The Energy Project, a consulting firm that helps individuals and organizations solve intractable problems and add more value in the world by widening their world view.

Laurie has broad and deep experience in facilitation, team building, executive coaching, and leadership development. At The Energy Project, Laurie’s work includes coaching, keynote presentations, and facilitation at companies such as Apple, Albemarle, Fidelity, Genentech, Google, Facebook, Box, EY, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, Pfizer, and Roche. Additionally, Laurie works with client organizations to assist in their organizational transformation.

Before joining The Energy Project, Laurie started her own consulting practice where she worked with a diverse portfolio of clients. Laurie also held management and executive positions in sales and human resources at LifeScan, a Johnson and Johnson company. For twelve years she led teams that designed and implemented employee, organizational, leadership, and sales development programs.

Laurie received a bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a SF Giants fan.

14:10 - 15:00 | Track 2 | Berg Hall C

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