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Beth Rogozinski

Chief Content Officer, Pear Therapeutics

Beth Rogozinski is a serial entrepreneur, technology professional, and business strategist who has spent the last several years focused on digital medicine.   Beth was a founding member of the internationally renowned Multimedia Studies Program at SFSU where she taught and published a book on multimedia. She then worked in hardware, software and services at such top firms as Silicon Graphics (where she helped launch the Visual Workstations division),  Macromedia (where she worked on FinalCut which was sold to Apple) and the digital agency Circle (which had a successful IPO and was then bought by Euro RSCG).  Beth has since founded games and apps companies including Signal 2 Productions, Match Factor and D2S Games.  She helped produce and publish more than 30 games and apps, including over a dozen apps for health and wellness.  At Pear Therapeutics, Beth helped to build the product and development teams and, while serving as Chief Product Officer, successfully led the design, development and commercialization of six sub-clinical products.  She also led the development of Pear’s first clinical product, reSET, and the product team submission of the De Novo 510k to the FDA.  reSET was cleared by the FDA on September 14, 2017 as the first ever prescription digital therapeutic.  Beth is an advisor to many start-ups and accelerators including Oncoustics, monARC Bionetworks, Launchpad Digital Health, Plug and Play, AI:DIA, and the international groups of Hardware Massive /HardwareCon.  She has consulted with local and international venture groups and serves on the Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s educational programs committees for the Brain Health and Digital Health sub-committees.  She has written and published on digital therapeutics and tech innovations and is a frequent speaker at technology and healthcare events.

11:10 - 12:00 | Main Room - Berg Hall A&B

How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Transform Healthcare
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