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Amy Kwok, MD, MPH

CEO, Co-Founder, PenguinSmart

A physician-turned-entrepreneur and a global citizen, Amy is passionate about innovation that brings lasting health impact at scale. An MD from Peking University and MPH from Harvard, Amy brings global health and health technology perspectives from both the East and the West. She is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of PenguinSmart, which uses AI to scale the reach of developmental therapists by 8x. Prior tp PenguinSmart, Amy built healthcare decision apps used by over 30 thousand healthcare workers and families in India and Tanzania, and previously worked at Peking University Third Hospital, The George Institute, and Wellframe.

15:15 - 16:05 | Track 2 | Secondary Room - Berg Hall C

Cross-border Innovation and Entrepreneurship Opportunities In Health Between US and China: How To Get The Best of Both Worlds
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