Patient Analytics Changing Care Dynamics

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Patient Analytics Changing Care Dynamics

A  benefit of the HITECH act is the high adoption rate of EHRs which made available healthcare data in electronic form that was previously not available.  Some now describe that we’re in the Post-EHR period.  Now that we have this abundance of data, what are we doing with it, what insights are we drawing from it and how is this impacting our healthcare system and helping us meet Triple Aim goals to improve quality of care, increase patient satisfaction and lower cost.   Thought leaders in healthcare analytics share their perspectives.




  • Nick Andersen, PhD - Director of Informatics Research, U.C. Davis
  • Dirk Boecker, MD, PhD - CEO, MassineBoecker
    • Alex Jaimes, PhD - CTO & Chief Scientist, AiCure
      • Sam Shekar, MD - CMO, Northrop Grumman
        • Paul Tuten, PhD - SVP Product, Quantros
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