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Impact of Data on Global Health
Health professionals and governments use data to decide how to address needs and implement changes to improve community health and wellbeing. New methods and sources offer the ability to incorporate more personal, longitudinal, and real-time data into the decision making process. Using these new methods to collect data, share it with stakeholders, and drive meaningful collaboration will be critical for strengthening public health. The next generation of global and public health research and program implementation will require experience with these new systems, embracing a culture of innovation, and broadening and strengthening communication. Theme: Global Health Perspectives




  • Ernesto Ramirez, Director, R&D, Fitabase
  • Aenor Sawyer, Associate Director, Center for Digital Health Innovation, UCSF
    • Laila Zamrani, Co-Founder, CEO, Fitnescity
      • Marco Altini, Head of Data Science, Bloomlife
        • Mary Vincent, Advisor, EIR SK Telecom
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