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Just-In-Time HealthCare

From global competition and demand fluctuations to cost and quality issues, healthcare providers are confronted by challenges similar to manufacturing systems. The manufacturing industry has successfully adopted the Just in Time methodology to reduce flow times within production system as well as response times from suppliers and to customers. When applied to healthcare, it addresses dynamic personnel scheduling, hospital capacity planning and other patient centric bottlenecks. Moreover, it can enhance patient safety and quality by anticipating patient needs, by using data to be predictive, avoid problems, and ultimately guide care in an effective and efficient path. Just in Time can make clinical decision making more effective by harnessing the ever-expanding universe of clinical data and delivering the right data about the right patient to the right clinician at the right time. This will positively affect the entire patient experience. Theme: Sustainability & Wellness Theme: Sustainability & Wellness




  • Sajjad Yacoob, Assistant Dean, Keck School of Medicine, USC
  • Uli Chettipally, Co-Founder & CTO, Crest Network, Kaiser Permanente
    • Geoffrey W. Rutledge, Chief Medical Officer, HealthTap
      • Lin Wan, CTO, Stella Technology, Inc.
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