Impact of Wearables

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Impact of Wearables

How will the movement of the quantified self lead to innovations in increased levels of patient engagement and better health practices. How will this movement change the dynamic between doctors and their patients and how can expectations be managed. Come hear what leaders are doing to embrace this trend. What are the legal implications/limitations for devices either deployed by patients, or providers, or payers?




  • Yarmela Pavlovic, JD - Partner, Hogan Howells
  • Beatrice Podtschaske, PhD - Visiting Professor, Clinical Excellence Research Center, Stanford
    • Valeska Schroeder - Sr. VP, Product Management, Vital Connect, Inc.
      • Arun Villivalam, MD - CEO, Los Gatos Doc Inc.
        • Marta Gaia Zanchi - Course Director, Bio-Design For Mobile Health, Stanford
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