Design Thinking for the Underserved

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Design Thinking for the Underserved

This panel will examine examples and case studies regarding their design approach.  By looking around the world at others’ efforts to help alleviate the conditions of poverty, particularly in developing nations the panel will highlight ways that facilitate design thinking.  One of the biggest challenges faced in healthcare for a developing nation is a lack of human resources.  As we look at healthcare delivery in low resource settings, we cannot readily furnish more people, but as designers we can create solutions that equip those existing dedicated healthcare providers with the tools to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Within the framework of community wellness/disease management models, opportunities abound to make substantial impact and improve the lives of the underserved. Understanding the processes within existing healthcare systems is essential to creation of these solutions. Panelists Seema Handu (Moderator), Dennis Boyle, Andre Muelenaer, MD, Glen Moy




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