Is Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Healthcare?

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Is Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Healthcare?

Artificial intelligence is disrupting healthcare by synthesizing better outcomes at lower costs. Would it compete with physicians or augment their skills? Big Data processing is beyond the scope of human mind. In healthcare delivering the adequate treatment at a timely manner is critical. Applying Ai could support diagnostic and therapeutic decision making, bring down drugs time to market, empower patients and accelerate discovery and innovation. Theme: Innovations in Health Technology




  • Prashant Natarajan, Director of Product Management, Oracle Corporation
  • Mainul Mondal, Founder & CEO, Ellipsis Health
    • Iana Dimkova, Director, GE Ventures
      • Todd Ferris, CTO, Stanford Medical School
        • Pratik Mukherjee, Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, UCSF
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