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Wako Takayama

Wako Takayama is passionate about putting people first in product design and empowering their experiences by empathizing with how they relate to products. She has done this throughout her career–which has included work in advertising, software product management and now user/design research–at Leo Burnett, Motorola, and as a consultant to large and tiny companies in health tech, consumer technology, web-based services, energy efficiency, alternative healthcare and consumer packaged goods in the U.S. and Asia (Japan and China region.)

Wako  has worked with cross-functional teams in the US and Asia, including Mozilla, Intuit, HP, Walmart, KodakGallery, LifeScan, Patagonia, SONY, Schwab.com, Nissan, Procter & Gamble and Kellogg’s, and with start-ups in the sustainability, consumer and health technology spaces.

A recent project Wako found particularly exciting focused on learning about the lives and stress of family caregivers. Wako also had a wellness practice serving individuals and providing workplace and community classes.

Wako earned a BA in Anthropology and East Asian Studies from Harvard and an MA in Anthropology from Stanford. She is an organizer for the Health Technology Forum, volunteers for educational programs (Asha for Education and Streetside Stories), dabbles in Quantified Self, and has recently discovered the joys of running.

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