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Sean Caffey, MD

Managing Member, Context AI

Sean Caffey, M.D. grew up in Silicon Valley Bay Area, California.  He studied environmental biology and premed at UC Berkeley and later enrolled in USC Medical School.  After learning he was accepted at USC Medical school where 80% of patients speak Spanish as their first language, he traveled to Costa Rica as part of a full time language and emersion program to become “almost fluent” which he still maintains.  Halfway through medical school, he joined a two-year MBA program at USC Marshall School of Business to explore his passion for entrepreneurial ventures with a focus in medicine.  After graduating from USC’s MD/MBA program, Dr. Caffey joined an innovative team to direct business development at the National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center at USC and Caltech.  This NSF center of excellence focused on using wireless implantable devices for restoring vision to blind people and other nerve system disorders.  In 2010, he cofounded Replenish, Inc., and as CEO went on to lead a team that raised more than $70 million to develop the world’s smallest, refillable, wireless, reprogrammable MEMS drug pump and establish its safety in first-in-man clinical studies for delivering anti-VEGF medication to macular degeneration patients by implanting the pump directly in patients’s eyes.  The Replenish technology is currently exclusively licensed and being further developed for FDA approval with one of world’s largest pharma companies, while Dr. Caffey remains a part-time board member.  Dr. Caffey cofounded his first smart device company in 2013 to commercialize low cost, smart surgical tools and eventually sold the company in 2016 to a large medical device company.  Dr. Caffey went on to pursue a passion in smart devices in the field of data science and co-founded Context AI, the winner of the 2017 NASA iTech competition for technologies promoting long distance Mars space missions.  Context AI develops state-of-the-art clinical grade wearable and clothing sensors specifically for machine learning to measure every sound, vibration and electrical impulse of your body to create digital biomarkers for patients consumers to diagnose conditions early before emergencies emerge.   Dr. Caffey has more than 25 pending and issued patents, 10 peer reviewed medical publications and winner of the 2014 LA Innovation Award from Los Angeles Business Journal’s Innovation Award for Replenish.

14:10 - 15:00 | Track 2 | Berg Hall C

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