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Rick Gossage

CEO, Interactive Lifestyle Management

A successful businessman and entrepreneur who has consistently spotted the opportunity for profitable businesses and built them into successful operations.

Focused on the innovative use of software technology to create groundbreaking solutions, he founded Farelogix (farelogix.com Miami), the leading provider of low-cost merchandising and distribution software for the travel industry. Rick raised more than 20 million for Farelogix, which now employs approximately 200 people in three different countries and is used by the majority of the world’s largest airlines.

Prior to starting Farelogix, Mr. Gossage spent over 25 years in his own marketing company, developing behavior change programs for large institutions like British Airways and TD Bank, the Government of Newfoundland.

It was this background that enabled him to found Interactive Lifestyle Management (ilmhealth.com,Toronto) a health technology company with a next generation engagement platform to shift large groups to healthier habits at low cost.

He also advises early stage tech companies including Kapok (leading-edge text analytics software) and ZoomAndGo (unique travel booking and analytics platform).

Starting in advertising and promotions, Rick previously founded several successful marketing and communications companies including Program Design Group, Media Profile, and Weave Communications.

An internationally published author, he has written seven books including “A Parent’s Guide to Streetproofing Children,” as well as the National Coaching Development Program, which standardized coaching best practices across Canada.

15:15 - 16:05 | Track 1 | Main Room - Berg Hall A&B

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