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Jay Nath

Jay Nath works with the tech community and the public to help make government become more transparent, efficient, and constituent- focused. Jay applies modern, agile thinking to government administration, focusing on “lean government” as a platform for innovation. Prior to 2012, Jay was the Director of Innovation at the Department of Technology where he established the nation’s first open source software policy for a city government and authored open data legislation mandating City departments to make nearly all non-confidential datasets available to the public via DataSF, the City’s open data portal. Prior to becoming a civil servant, Jay Nath worked at SquareTrade as a senior product manager and at PricewaterhouseCoopers as a senior consultant.

“We are working to change how people view their relationship to government so that active participation is the new normal. It’s through greater engagement and enrolling citizens in the process of creating new solutions that we can drive greater trust in government.”

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