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Ivana Schnur, MD/PhD

ivanaDr. Schnur holds a medical degree and Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She began her
carrier in the field of clinical pharmacology and pain management researching the effects
of pain on quality of life at Harvard Medical School and Georgetown University. She
continued her interest in quality of life research concentrating on the therapeutic uses
of film and digital media. Her research focused on the transformative role of film in the
field of palliative care. With growing body of research on the effects of virtual reality
on human behavior her research interest settled on the use if virtual reality in behavioral
medicine and mental health. Attracted by the opportunity to combine clinical psychology
and virtual reality Dr. Schnur joined Dr. Walter Greenleaf, one of pioneers in the field,
in founding InWorld Solutions. She was involved in the all the aspect of development of
an avatar based virtual reality platform that can assist clinical psychologists in behavioral
modifications, skills training, cue exposure and other clinical modalities. Dr. Schnur
worked on the development of Avatar Based Recovery Program and other clinical
programs that combine the use of web-based and avatar-based platforms to deliver
complete care solution for patients suffering from addiction and other clinical disorders.
Dr. Schnur went on to work briefly for Thrive Research and later founded Sense.ly with
Adam Odessky. Sense.ly combines virtual and mobile technologies to create a mobile
solution for all aspects of long-term clinical care. Dr. Schnur has extensive experience in
the design of clinical protocols, clinical user interface, application of virtual and mobile
technology in the group or individual clinical settings.

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