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Glen Moy

 Glen Moy is a senior program officer for the foundation’s Better Chronic Disease Care program, which focuses on improving clinical outcomes and quality of life for Californians with chronic diseases. He manages projects that expand adoption of health information technology to improve care and promote greater efficiency in the health care system.

Moy has extensive experience with health information technology, including health information exchange, interoperability, electronic health record systems, and electronic prescribing systems. He previously served as director of health informatics for the California Prison Health Care Receivership, where he was principal solution architect for the receivership’s efforts in health information technology. Earlier, he was manager of health information technology for Lumetra and was responsible for overseeing its efforts to assist small- to medium-sized physician practices throughout California with the adoption of electronic health records.

Moy also served as a senior project manager and implementation consultant for Chicago-based Allscripts Healthcare Solutions. Moy received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Chicago.

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