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Elise Giancola

Elise’s primary areas of expertise are software design, product and process design and execution, evaluation research, focus groups, end-user testing processes, behavior change models and analytic and outcomes modeling. She has a keen ability to synthesize seemingly conflicting ideas and ambiguities into innovative business and technical solutions that drive business performance.
Elise has spent the past 20 years designing solutions for more efficiently integrating disparate technology and data platforms with significant product and business process changes. Prior to HT3, Elise had her own consulting business that focused on her interest in the design, adoption and efficient use of Telehealth and other technologies that support individuals in taking better care of their health. Her unique perspective comes from a 20+ year career that includes work as a clinician, free medical clinic manager, Director of Software Implementations at a healthcare software company and VP of Innovation at a disease management company.
Elise holds a Bachelors of Science from the State University of New York and a Masters
of Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a graduate of the IDX Leadership
Academy. As an accomplished jazz musician and composer, Elise is adept at improvising and
finding creative ways to solve complicated problems.
Elise is a co-founder of HT3.

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