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Andra Keay

Andra Keay is a robot startup evangelist, Founder of Robot Launchpad, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics and CoFounder of Robot Garden, a new robotics hackerspace. She obtained her MA in Human-Robot Culture/Cultural Theory at the University of Sydney, Australia in 2011, building on a background as a robot hobbyist, STEM educator, computer network administrator, software developer, web site designer and film-maker. She graduated as an ABC technical operations trainee in 1986 and obtained a BA in Communication from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Australia, in 1998. Andra has been running science, computing and robotics workshops since 1995, with a focus on empowering people to adapt to changing technology. She is also children’s robotic team coach. Since moving to Silicon Valley in 2011, Andra has founded Robot Launchpad, an early stage accelerator for robot startups, is the inaugural Managing Director for Silicon Valley Robotics, an emerging robotics cluster and has also cofounded Robot Garden, a space for makers and hackers with an interest in robotics.

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