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Q&A With HTF Founder Pronoy Saha

Why did you start HTF?

Having grown up in Bangladesh, with a bunch of infrastructural problems – no electricity, no running water – and then come to the US, I’ve seen how the disconnect between adequate healthcare and access can hurt communities, but also how the coupling can help them thrive. I’ve seen how technology can improve the situation, after working in so many different silos of technology, and 5 years ago, I started to feel I could bring people together to solve the problems of underserved communities/ My goal, and the goal of HTF, is to bring key stakeholders – government sources, NGOs, entrepreneurs, technologists, researchers, clinicians, funders – together to collaborate to improve access to care, quality of care and cost of care for the medically underserved billions in the world. It’s a triple aim goal.

What is HTF?

HTF is a grassroots organization with chapter in the major technological and innovation hubs of the world. We bring industry professionals together to study and discuss and create solutions for care delivery, care consumption, etc. We work together to create pathways for the industry to help the medically underserved and underrepresented.

How does HTF connect individuals and organizations in the industry?

Everyone wants to do good. The people who speak at our conferences; the organizations and individuals who attend; you; me; the people who come to our code-a-thons, workshops, meetups. But sometimes it’s hard to find a way to do it. HTF is a platform for finding pathways to do good, and that’s how we attract individuals and organizations in the industry. All of our chapter organizers, volunteers, sponsors, interns, speakers, members – they’re all here because they’ve heard about the creative agenda of our conferences and want to make connections to create platforms for the underserved, move toward sustainability, provide effective disaster relief. HTF provides key stakeholders with connections and ways to build pathways to do good.

Can you describe HTF in numbers?

After five years, we have 18 chapters, 150 core organizers and advisors (all volunteers), 80+ sponsors and more than 10000 members. We’ve had close to 200 events and show no signs of slowing down.

What is UNI?

UNI is HTF’s upcoming collaboration platform, which will put all of our chapter work in one spot. Meetup has been far too segmented, so we’ve been working on a more targeted network for stakeholders in healthcare, so they can collaborate, connect, find jobs, find cofounders, create groups, etc. OUr members have been asking for a platform like this for a long time, with productivity tools like video conference calls, meeting scheduling tools, presenting tools, etc. The platform will have productivity and collaboration tools that will set us apart from other social networking platforms.
We’re setting up I/O Health, too. It’ll be a newsletter to keep all of our chapters in touch and keep members up to date with industry news.

Any final comments?

I want to thank the community for building a global network and contributing to this organization. Everyone’s participation is appreciated. There’s more to come. Come join us and be active.

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