MedSavvy Grades Rx’s and Balancing Tech with Health Living UPDATED – Portland, Dec. 6

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MedSavvy Grades Rx’s and Balancing Tech with Health Living UPDATED – Portland, Dec. 6

One of many HTF events to close out the 2016, the Portland chapter’s second-ever meeting Dec. 6 saw 25 attendees networking over dinner and drinks before settling in for two fantastic presentations.

The first, by Shawn Smith, director of product at MedSavvy, focused on finding unbiased information about medications. That’s what his company specializes in – at MedSavvy, pharmacists evaluate prescription medicines based on real evidence about how well the medications work and how good the science is behind the research, and then score each drug, report-card-style. They then evaluate these grades with considerations to cost, safety information, user reviews and a robust community to provide consumers with all of the possible information they might need to be well-informed when they’re talking with their doctors, deciding their best options.

With this as Smith’s background, he was well-qualified to discuss the challenges of finding unbiased information about the effectiveness and out-of-pocket costs of medications. After his presentation, he gave a demo of the product.

Following Smith, Surbhi Mahendru, management consultant and lifestyle coach, described the challenges of balancing our increasingly busy lives with our personal health and wellbeing. She discussed the potential health risks posed by an increasingly technological world, as well as all of the opportunities spurred on by new technology, that may help us live happier, healthier lives.

The initial conclusion of her visual presentation on digital distraction and the detriment of horizontal thinking led into the insightful talk on the evolution of phone applications into useful devices for tracking health, from improving time management and productivity to fostering self-awareness and mindfulness. Toward the end, Mahendru presented suggestions for keeping technology strictly helpful – tips that were welcomed by the audience.

Mahendru says her ultimate vision is to drive health and wellness through digital enablement, consumer insights and cultural change. Her presentation, along with Smith’s, was very well-received.

The Portland chapter will hold its next meeting in Feb. 28, 2017. This meeting, at the Park Square Office Building, will focus on sustainable water and energy technologies, and feature Evan A. Thomas of SWEETLab.

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