HTF Atlanta Annual Expo and Mingle – Atlanta, Jan. 24

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HTF Atlanta Annual Expo and Mingle – Atlanta, Jan. 24

We here at HTF understand the value of a good mix-and-mingle, which is why chapters often host such events to toast to new, upcoming endeavors. For their first event of the year, HTF’s Atlanta chapter did just that, with their annual expo and mingle event featuring an introduction from event sponsor Arnall Golden Gregory LLP’s Atlanta office (AGG), and a series of speakers from the healthcare industry.

Following a brief note about HTF’s mission, Sean Sullivan – an attorney in AGG’s Healthcare, Litigation, Government Investigation & White Collar, and Privacy & Consumer Regulatory groups – discussed his role at AGG and why, as a specialist in healthcare dispute litigation and the navigation of regulatory and reimbursement obstacles in the long-term care and health IT industries, he was happy to support the efforts of HTF.

This segued into a quick talk led by Cardelia Reid of HealtheParadigm, a private health information network endorsed by the Medical Association of Georgia. Regional Director of their Georgia branch, Reid – a registered nurse with a diverse clinical background and a history in sales, project management and consulting – described HealtheParadigm’s mission: to make healthcare information easily shareable, while maintaining its security. The company allows connected physicians, healthcare facilities and healthcare providers share real-time patient information, helping participants connect the dots between collected data and improving patient encounters and clinical outcomes.

While the organization is continuing to execute on its long term mission, the technology is live now, ready to help patients all across the state of Georgia.

After Reid’s presentation, Dr. William E. Richardson of American Clinics for Preventive Medicine (ACPM), gave a quick talk on the benefits of a plant-based diet, and on the cost of healthcare. Richardson, M.D., is a licensed, board-certified medical doctor who’s been practicing integrative medicine, natural medicine, holistic medicine, preventative and nutritional family medicine in Metro Atlanta since 1980. His talk outlined ACPM’s focus on natural therapies.

Katharine Clark, director of education at Graff Academy, spoke next about her work in wellness and education, and in teaching people how to maintain healthy lifestyles by preparing plant-based raw meals. Her segment, titled “Food is Medicine,” concentrated on Graff Academy’s support for natural and affordable eating to contribute to a healthy body.

Next, Dione Solan, M.P.H., gave a talk entitled “Evaluation of Acute Testing,” in which she discussed her experiences working in healthcare IT project management.

Finally, John McDaniel, senior vice president of innovation and technology at the HCI Group, spoke about the transformation of healthcare due to emergent technology. McDaniel’s 35+ years of experience as a healthcare CIO, consulting services executive and as an executive with a large healthcare solutions company made him a valuable voice during the expo; in his capacity as an IT expert with HCI, he spoke about his work at Emory Healthcare and on.

The expo and mingle allowed many attendees an opportunity to speak with these industry professionals and interact with others outside of their respective fields. HTF Atlanta’s next event is in the planning stages, but look forward to updates soon.

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