9/27/17 Phoenix Meetup Recap: Tools for Patient Engagement

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9/27/17 Phoenix Meetup Recap: Tools for Patient Engagement

HTF Phoenix hosted its September Meetup at Barrow Neurological Institute’s Sonntag Pavilion, sponsored by Medical Memory. We had the pleasure of welcoming  Mr. Robert Backie, CEO of Smart Clinic, a platform that streamlines patient engagement, reduces overhead by automating electronic interactions which include appointments, health information, messaging, medication, procedure preparation instructions and surveys to a patient’s mobile device or web browser.

927phx4Robert introduced the Smart Clinic app to members of HTF and shared the story of how they’ve streamlined patient engagement. Their innovative smart phone application guides a patient through a series of instructions and steps prior to undergoing a colonoscopy in order to ensure a successful procedure. Currently, the application is used by patients scheduled for inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS) as well as for general colonoscopy diagnostic testing. Patients receive an invitation from their doctor via the web-based application when scheduled for the procedure.

Historically, when a patient has been scheduled for a colonoscopy, they receive a packet of instructions. The instructions mention specific foods and drinks to avoid up to 48 hours prior to the procedure, such as beets, broccoli, beverages that are red in color. Additionally, the instructions may include various timed steps. Missing any of the steps could result in an aborted procedure and compromise the quality of the procedure. The instructions also often differ by physician based on the individual physician’s preference and experience.

Every clinician knows that ensuring patient compliance with the recommended steps to achieve successful test results is one of the most arduous tasks. Smart Clinic takes patients through the proper colon preparatory steps and explains the process in an easy to understand, interactive process. When the patient is compliant with the instructions, it’s easier to identify and remove lesions.

The Boston Bowel Preparation Scale (BBPS) is a 10-point scale assessment by the endoscopist of bowel preparation after all cleansing maneuvers are completed. Each region of the colon receives a “segment score” from 0 to 3 and these segment scores are summed for a total BBPS score ranging from 0 to 9. The average BBPS score of patients following prep instructions via the SmartClinic app have an average score of 8.1 reducing the risk of missing potential pathology.

Robert also shared several stories of patients who benefited from much more successful care outcomes. Many patients praise the app for its ease, even members of age groups less likely to adopt new technology and new techniques.

Outcome Benefits of the Smart Clinic Platform

Patient and Care Management:

  • Greater patient post-visit satisfaction with successful colonoscopy preparation
  • Ease of intervention by caregivers to ensure patients are following and completing the steps prior to procedure, where any questions that could result in procedure to be aborted are handled and answered immediately and effectively
  • Rates of no-show and incomplete procedures are reduced
  • Preparation instructions can be tailored for each physician in the multi- physician practice

For more information, visit Smart Clinic

Presenting Companies

Medical Memory is a HIPAA-compliant app that allows doctors to save time and limit risk by seamlessly pushing video content to patients. Physicians can utilize Medical Memory to video record patient consultations and office visits, send one-way video messages during rounding or discharge or to create their own stock video library of prerecorded videos for enhanced consents, surgery logistics, conflicts of interest and more. Patients can access videos in a secure web portal and share with their continuum of care, and physicians can share videos with other healthcare providers to extend communication within multidisciplinary teams. Medical Memory improves patient engagement and compliance without any disruption to existing workflows.

Medtexter empowers patients to manage and remember to take their medications on time. When they forget, Medtexter engages them, their family members, and their healthcare providers, to prevent unnecessary healthcare costs and improve health outcomes.

DeeveHealth prevents or delays Type 2 Diabetes for people who are pre-diabetic using a mobile solution in a combination of behavioral psychology with strong peer group support, wireless device, and health coach. Our user Ven, who is pre-diabetic with A1C of 5.8 went through our program and able to reduce the A1C to 5.5. Which is a significant change without using any prescribed medication

927phoenix1This was another successful event in the books, and we look forward to seeing everyone in our next event in December where we will cover the topic of mental health.

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