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Conceived and developed entirely during the Code-a-thon, Only One is a fun, functioning mobile app to pre-screen adolescents for depression/anxiety. Screening is required under the Affordable Care Act, but can get overlooked because of time/cost constraints.  Now, teens can use their own words to respond to scenarios mapping directly to a widely-used, validated manual screening tool (PHQ-9).  The app uses natural language processing to score responses and provide an instant flag to pediatricians (email, portal or QR code) so that precious time during annual wellness visits is maximized.

Team Members

rhonda mimi     Rhonda Shrader 

Rhonda is a serial entrepreneur obsessed with using technology to solve complex problems–healthcare demands this and more. She was on the founding/early stage team of six start-ups including two biotechs (Organogenesis, ImClone Systems), behavioral health (Thrive/Stanford) and gaming for good (Every Voice Engaged).   She also has extensive technology and operations consulting, including a year at LA County/USC Medical Center.   Rhonda has an AB in neuropsychology from Harvard & an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Deepesh     Deepesh Kuruppath

Deepesh is a Software Architect and Data Scientist. His specialization is web services, big data and graph databases. His role in ‘Only One’ is developing business intelligence and pattern driven analytics. From a personal front – he enjoys hiking, travelling, soccer and long drives.

Raj Manickam     Raj Manickam

Raj is a Data Architect / Engineer / Analyst seeking to make a difference in health and healthcare with data as the raw material and the finished product.

  Julie     Julie Price

Julie is an expert in user experience design and testing, product management, and game design. Most recently, Julie combined her background in technology with her passions for wellness, fitness, positive psychology, and behavioral economics to build mobile and web-based products and games to help people live more healthfully and happily.

Jean     Jean-Ezra Yeung

Jean-Ezra is a Data Scientist at Ayasdi, a big data software company. He enjoys playing the piano and breakdancing. His role for Only One is to help develop text-mining methods.



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