At the Cusp of the Future via Health Technology Forum – HTF’s 6th Annual Expo and Mingle – San Francisco, Dec. 7

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At the Cusp of the Future via Health Technology Forum – HTF’s 6th Annual Expo and Mingle – San Francisco, Dec. 7

Pronoy Saha, Founder and CEO of Health Technology Forum, kicks off the presentations

The San Francisco Expo and Meetup gave participants the opportunity to showcase their work. The Forum’s structure was such that each sponsor and participant had their own table set up at the San Francisco office of Hanson Bridgett LLC, in the beautiful 425 Market Street building in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District.

Below, we’ll jump into each of the presentations with some images from the Expo and its participants. Dive in if you’d like to see the kind of conversations Health Technology Forum looks to foster, and the work of those whose organizations stand right on the cusp of medical technology, gazing out into the future of healthcare.


Teresa Navarro, Event Co-Organizer speaking at the 6th Annual Expo

HTF CEO Pronoy Saha led off the talks for the night, introducing the Expo and telling everyone a bit about Health Technology Forum. Teresa Navarro, Event Co-Organizer, followed up and introduced each of the sponsors to the crowd.

There were 13 presentations total. First was Teresa V. Paul from Hanson Bridgett LLC, the Platinum Sponsor of the Expo. Next, Erik Jones from Jacobian Engineering as HTF’s Gold Sponsor for this event. There were 11 demos total that followed (in no particular order): IBM, Blue Shield of California,, Bio Virtua, Pill Butler, Mursion, Nfinite Strength, LegWorks, SimplifiMed, glyqa and Ugly Research.

If you couldn’t make it this time, here’s a summary of each presentation and organization. It’ll almost be like you attended. Though, if you missed this one, you have a chance to register for Health Technology Forum’s flagship 2017 Innovation Conference on May 1 & 2, held at Stanford University.


Platinum & Gold Sponsors

Hanson Bridgett LLP — Platinum Sponsor

Teresa V. Pahl gives an overview of Hanson Bridgett LLP

“For more than 50 years, Hanson Bridgett has provided specialized legal representation in the health care field. Our attorneys are recognized experts in the issues that arise in this complex and competitive industry. We are routinely called upon to form health provider entities; assist in the business and regulatory aspects of mergers, acquisitions, affiliations and joint ventures; obtain and maintain providers’ tax exemptions; negotiate with payors; and advise providers regarding the myriad laws regulating and restricting their ability to do business with other providers, payors, and vendors.”
— via

Hanson Bridgett is a fantastic firm that’s been operating in health-related fields for over 50 years. As one of the largest healthcare practices in California, Hanson Bridgett covers a massive variety of health-related legal sectors, but each with a highly specialized and personally tailored approach.

For more information on our Platinum Sponsor for the event, Hanson Bridgett’s website offers a much more in-depth look into what they do, and how to get in touch with a legal specialist.

Jacobian Engineering — Gold Sponsor

Erik Jones yields questions on Jacobian Engineering

“Securing health data is about more than meeting regulatory compliance, it’s about protecting people. Our healthcare solutions exceed legal requirements more effectively and efficiently which means it’s more affordable and accessible to your business no matter how big or small your organization may be.”
— via

Erik Jones gave the group a full presentation on Jacobian Engineering’s unique approach to their Tech Security, IT Solutions and Compliance approaches. “We are Jacobians” they say in the About Us page of their website. As Jones told us, the company is named after famous mathematician K. G. J. Jacobi.

Jacobian’s approach to all things technical is scientific, genuine and customer-focused. They are an employee-owned operation and practice what they preach. Peruse the site if you would like to learn more about Jacobian Engineering, and the full-scale, quality solutions they offer.




PillButler booth w/ a video showing what the product can do

“Give PillButler your bottles, PillButler gives you the pills… you need them when you need them”
— via

Kristin McCullough gave us a look into PillButler’s work. PillButler offers a machine that helps to regulate doses for people who need medication.

The vision behind the product is simple but important: first, PillButler seeks to provide their product free to patients. The organization also wants to become part of the healthcare solution with full integration for providers facing rising cost of readmission.

PillButler is the first medication management system that reduces rate of readmission by increasing compliance for elderly on multiple medication – it reduces the labor intensive cost of current medication adherence programs by providing 24/7 onsite monitoring and notifications to the patient’s care team.

Bio Virtua

Aashay Tutika at the Bio Virtua booth

“We started with a vision to fundamentally transform healthcare delivery. How are we doing this? By bridging the gap between medical specialists and patients around through holographic, virtual visits. Biovirtua’s patent pending augmented-reality platform deploys 3D volumetric patient modeling and streaming healthcare analytics for a truly connected telemedicine experience.”
— via

Co-Founders Aashay Tutika and Adam Rizvi presented on their company Bio Virtua.

Bio Virtua is a start-up focused on giving a breakthrough experience, using Virtual Reality to make a remote doctor’s visit not just possible, but effective. This can be a revolutionary approach to Healthcare. If executed well, this would allow patients in extremely poor conditions check in with their specialist or surgeon on the other side of the globe. VR in Healthcare is inspiring and its applications are expanding exponentially. Bio Virtua looks to place itself on the helm of this expansion.

John Nguyen tells attendees about’s work

“We accelerate innovation across five platforms — vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, devices, and system and service innovations — that harness our entrepreneurial insight, scientific and public health expertise, and passion for health equity. By mobilizing partners around the world, we take innovation to scale, working alongside countries primarily in Africa and Asia to tackle their greatest health needs. Together, we deliver measurable results that disrupt the cycle of poor health.”
— via is forging a path to impact the world in a massive suite of positive specialties. Working down an alphabetical list, Path works with “Advocacy and policy”, “Applied behavioral communication”, “Devices”, “Diagnostics”, “HIV/AIDS”, “Malaria”… you might be getting the picture here. is involved with quite a bit. If you’re feeling like getting inspired, check out their projects; we’d definitely recommend crawling around the website to check out the variety of good things Path is involved in.


Two attendees try out the Mursion VR Demo

“Mursion is the virtual reality environment where professionals practice and master the complex interpersonal skills necessary to be effective in high-stress professions. Used by a wide range of innovative organizations in healthcare, education, hospitality, finance, and other corporate sectors, Mursion delivers customized virtual reality simulations that recreate the most demanding interpersonal challenges that professionals confront on the job every day.”
— via

Brentt Brown gave the presentation for Mursion Inc. The demo was entirely interactive. You walk up to the booth, put on headphones and practice delivering terrible health news to a virtual patient, as a physician.

The idea here, and it’s a good one, is that it would be helpful preparation for our medical professionals to be able to practice some of the toughest and most high-stress parts of their jobs. Mursion works to perfect this strategy, to help physicians improve their skills on this side of things.

As Brown explains as well: “In addition to one-on-one simulations, Mursion is also building a multi-avatar environment for pediatrics where medical professionals can practice how interact with a mother and her child”. The applications of VR, once again are astounding and certainly seem to be in the direction that Healthcare as a whole is facing.

Nfinite Strength

Founders of Nfinite Strength, Justine Luong [left] and Ashley Hunt [right]

“Founders Ashley Hunt and Justine Luong’s mission is to improve the health and community of San Francisco. Nfinite Strength specializes in corporate health and fitness programs. Our programs are customized to meet the objectives of each employer by reducing pain and improving the health and wellness in the workplace.”
— via

Nfinite Strength looks to make the corporate environment healthier. By offering programs that allow companies to focus on health and wellness, Nfinite can foster vitality for professionals who might otherwise lack the opportunity.

For companies looking to help their employees with New Year’s Resolutions, Nfinite Strength is offering a New Year’s wellness program that might be just the nudge needed to kick that effort off. The best way to learn more is by contacting Nfinite Strength here:


@ the IBM booth

“Cognitive computing has arrived, and its potential to revolutionize the life sciences industry is enormous. With the power to unleash a new era of innovation and growth, cognitive systems help accelerate scientific discoveries, transform safety reporting, and improve execution and engagement for better care management. Our research indicates that life sciences leaders are poised to embrace this groundbreaking technology, which is an integral piece of the digital transformation puzzle.”
— via

Chris Williams gave the presentation for IBM. IBM probably doesn’t need much of an introduction, but is certainly heavily involved in the Healthcare realm. As a company that looks to both take in a ton of data and return it in a helpful and actionable way, IBM is looking to position itself at the forefront of future Healthcare via machine learning, preventative analysis and other technical approaches to precision medicine.

These efforts can help with diagnosis, data storage/retrieval, security and for many other tasks within everyday health care experiences. Check out IBM’s website for a fuller explanation on the role it plays and looks to play moving forward.


Simplifimed CEO Chinmay Singh [right]

“We simplify the shift to value-based care by enabling your case managers perform at the top of their license. Instead of duplicative data entry and playing phone tag, they can now focus on providing care.”
— via

SimplifiMed looks to take as much complexity out of the Healthcare process as possible. It’s three tenets (which they keep simple and direct on their website) are to [1] Identify care gaps, [2] Conduct outreach and [3] Ensure patient compliance.

It generally seems like a great idea to remove as much administrative hassle as possible in a caregiver’s workday, so that they can focus on the important things. Feel free to peruse their website if you would like to learn more about what SimplifiMed is doing to help solve this problem.


LegWorks CEO Emily Lutyens talks prosthetics with an attendee

“LegWorks is a for-profit social enterprise: our mission is to help people walk with confidence. We believe that mobility is empowerment, and that walking is an essential part of interacting in life, being able to work, and taking care of oneself and one’s family.”
— via

LegWorks focuses on pushing the limits of functionality and quality in prosthetics. They look to spread the availability of prosthetics to all parts of the globe, even those that don’t have enough money to pay. The idea here is pretty simple but has deeply rooted implications: everyone should be able to walk.


glyqa Founder Ashish Mirji [right]

“GLYQA (‘sweet’ in Greek) is a mobile phone-based product, offering symptom management and smart interventions for complications arising from Diabetes and associated comorbidities. Diabetes is one of the diseases with profound complications, including heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, loss of limbs, and retinopathy. Diabetes affects 25.8 million people which is 8.3% of the U.S. population, costing us about $245 Billion. We are the first product to combine predictive modeling, machine learning and care practices to introduce interventions for Diabetes complications.”
— via

For diabetics, it is a constant struggle to schedule and coordinate their lives while also worrying about the background shadow of their chronic condition starting them down.

Using top-of-the-line machine learning and predictive modeling tactics can be a huge asset or diabetics who worry on a daily basis about if and when the long term affects of their condition will sink in. By adding to the available resources for prevention measures, glyqa helps diabetics to rise to the top of their game in finding their healthy balance in both blood glucose levels and in the rest of life.

Ugly Research

Ugly Research Founder Tracy Allison Altman, PhD presents to the Expo audience

“Data isn’t being delivered to decision makers the way they want. Here’s what is separating them from useful evidence. Our key recommendations: Stop the ‘Ooh, shiny!’ Connect actions to outcomes. Visualize decisions, not data.”
— via

“Because, it’s ugly!” Tracy Allison explained when she stepped up to present Ugly Research. Research is ugly; it is science. The idea fueling Ugly Research is their unique approach to skip the fatty extras in data and dive straight to the actionable aspects of research.

In research, we want to make actual discoveries, to make actual changes. The grimy, deep, dirty data sometimes is at the heart of this. The truth is, to have science working at its most effective levels we have to focus not on what is poppy and revolutionary-sounding, but to “Own the evidence-based decision.” [from]

Blue Shield of California

Fatme Djudjo presents for Blue Shield of CA

“We offer access to a wide range of doctors, specialists and hospitals to help you find care wherever you live or work.”
— via

“Raise your hand if you haven’t heard of Blue Shield” Fatme asked the Meetup crowd. Laughter. We’ve all heard of Blue Shield. It’s even a good guess that everyone reading this article has heard of Blue Shield. It is important however, not to let the fact that a company has been around a while distract from that company’s strive towards pushing the limits in its industry.

As always, you can find competitive, affordable and adaptable plans for Healthcare through Blue Shield. Blue Shield is based out of California and offers plans from Individuals and Families to Medicare Beneficiaries.

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