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Innovation Rocketfuel, Health Technology Forum Style

Health Technology Forum’s Innovation Showcase spurs growth and opportunity across the board, from VC to Startup

This year at the Common Good Innovation Conference, we hosted the Innovation Showcase. We brought startups and VCs together to Stanford to show their ideas to our audience, attracting potential investors and opening up valuable networking opportunities for fantastic startups looking to get their ideas off the ground.

Check out the participating VCs and featured companies below:

Venture Capitalists

Dan Galles — Partner, Providence Ventures

Akhil Saklecha MD, MBA — General Partner, Artiman Ventures

Ursheet Parikh — Partner, Mayfield Fund

Participating Companies

WEconnect recovery offers a multifaceted approach to putting useful tools in the hands of those working through addictions and the people that have a chance to help. Co-Founder Daniela Luzi Tudor has manifested an idea to clear a path for the road to recovery for those dealing with addictions. She rose to success after battling addiction herself.

“The WEconnect platform was born out of the co-founders’ motivation to find solutions for thriving in recovery and improving the lives of others. Daniela Luzi Tudor first journaled about the idea when she went through in-patient treatment for her own drug and alcohol addiction and learned relapse rates are alarmingly high. She is a West Coast-based, serial entrepreneur joined by Murphy Jensen, 1993 French Open tennis Champion, who is in long-term recovery and leads strategic partnerships, and technology veteran Jen Mallory, who leads the product and hardware development and integrations.”

To see more, visit

For diabetics, it is a constant struggle to schedule and coordinate their lives while also worrying about the background shadow of their chronic condition starting them down.

Using top-of-the-line machine learning and predictive modeling tactics can be a huge asset or diabetics who worry on a daily basis about if and when the long term affects of their condition will sink in. By adding to the available resources for prevention measures, glyqa helps diabetics to rise to the top of their game in finding their healthy balance in both blood glucose levels and in the rest of life.

For more info, visit

Spire offers a person-centric wellness platform for companies. This makes quite a bit of sense, seeing as companies are run by, well, people.

Spire’s strengths lie in several areas. It has a “Flexible Team Structure”, which allows users to arrange teams into interest-based groups, or groups based on the pre-existing organizational structure of the company. This makes it easy for the organizations that use Spire to connect with others within the company. The point system on Spire come from actual people, which allow for a holistic rewards platform. The platform also syncs up with fitness trackers, including Fitbit, Apple Watch, Jawbone UP and others. Employees can also create wellness challenges and competitions from scratch, or using their WELCOA-certified engagement team to create pre-built challenges.

Check out more at

LivWell Health’s mission is “to harness technology to improve the lives and well-being of older adults and those who provide care as we journey together along the road of life.”

“The idea that our future is secure is somewhat of a misnomer being that the actual individual process of aging is fraught with all sorts of unknowns and forked roads ahead. At LivWell Health we believe this path, which we are all travelers along, is one of life’s grandest adventures and through innovation, communication and shared experience we can improve the journey of aging not only for our loved ones and ourselves but for all older adults with whom we share this journey.”

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Connect Consulting focuses on a “holistic approach to emergency management, business continuity, and disaster recovery.” They connect a wide range of organizations with resources, potential partners and information to bolster an organization’s emergency preparedness and business continuity planning.

The goal is to provide an organization peace of mind through help with planning efforts and staff training. Connect can help with the whole spectrum of disasters, from small to large and provides innovative and cost-effective tools to put you back in business when disaster hits.

Learn more at

“For the first time, the interests of hospitals, physicians and payers can align to deliver truly excellent, patient-centric care. Our proprietary Alignment Business and Advanced Clinical Model is a platform that enables health care systems and providers to become population health leaders. With Alignment, Doctors have more time to interact with patients, hospitals extend their reach deep into the communities they serve and payers are able to put resources where they will do the most good.”

“Alignment Healthcare’s Advanced Clinical Model is designed to lower cost and increase care quality to create value for the patient. It is the foundation for a transformative approach to healthcare. Using evidence based protocols, along with principles of coordinated and proactive care provision to facilitate appropriate delivery of healthcare services, working within existing healthcare infrastructures to minimize disruption, and utilizing our Complex Care Centers and Command Center, we transform care from a reactive to a proactive experience.”

Dive deeper at

“Train your customers in Virtual Reality and increase sales.”

A simple pitch, a fantastic field to be in. Reach out via the contact link on Boon’s website to learn more.

Check out what’s coming ar

“Ranktab is visual insight, meaning you can observe everyone’s comparison of different options and understand tradeoffs and collective consensus. Create group decision boards and instantly share across devices with ease.”

Ranktab allows for a very easy process in creating decision boards. You just define options, configure criteria, then share. Easy as that. You can rank using sliders, grading high or low. It then provides you with graphical crowd intelligence. This allows a quick and easy view of consensus.

Explore for more

“Caduceus Intelligence Corporation (CIC) is a technology spin-off company of the University of Arizona (UA) located in Tucson, Arizona. CIC has an existing 10-year long non-exclusive licensing agreement with the University of Arizona to perform cutting edge research in the field of Healthcare IT. CIC has been awarded two National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR/STTR Phase I grants (NSF Award ID 1417181 and NSF Award ID 1622788) for the work it is doing in partnership with the University of Arizona.

CIC’s most recent project focuses on developing a smart and connected home health monitoring system for senior care. This project titled “Advanced analytics for health progression monitoring and fall detection in a novel home health monitoring system.” was recently awarded the NSF SBIR/STTR Phase I grant (NSF award ID 1622788) for the year 2016–2017. You can find more information about SilverLink here.”

For more information, check out

“We are a global pediatric device ecosystem that is driven to resolve the shortage of prioritization on medical devices designed, developed, tested and approved specifically for children.

Our unique network of collaborative stakeholders, investors and resources is driven to bring pediatric technology to market more cost and time effectively, while accelerating device companies from concept to commercialization.

Kids deserve the best care.

Innovating to ensure their comfort and safety is our mission.”

To learn more, see

iXensor co. Ltd. is based in Taipei, Taiwan and was founded in 2012. Our three co-founders, Alan Tsai, the CEO, Jerry Chen, the CMO, Carson Chen, the CTO, first met in Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program (STB) and came up with the idea of PixoTest technology. This breakthrough idea sparked global interest and attention. Soon, the company became almost 50 ambitious members strong, bringing this mobile health solution to life.

The iXensor family consists of 8 PhD and 42 energetic and talented members who all devote themselves to develop the hardware and software system for a wide-range of IVD products, to provide a solution that is innovative and reliable. We make healthcare easier and activate a healthier life!”

To learn more about iXensor, see

WortheeMed gives us an interesting, yet cryptic message on their site, telling us about their mission:

“we are a team of technologists, clinicians, and artists, focused on a secret mission.”

To check them out, see

A true health boost…

The above lineup presented their companies and their work to our network of healthcare and venture capital professionals. Participants got to join a roundtable discussion, receiving feedback in a private networking session with influencers, executives and members of the venture capital community.

This event provided an excellent spark for some already fantastic organizations. We look forward to continuing to provide similar growth opportunities for health innovators throughout the year!

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